Immediate Symptoms of Fluoride

Immediately after ingesting or breathing fluoride, you may experience all or some of the following symptoms:

Shortness of breath, dizziness, indigestion, confusion, loss of balance, anger, irritability, nausea, feeling like you're about to throw up, gallbladder issues, burping, coughing

1+ hr(s) after ingesting or breathing fluoride, you may experience all or some of the following symptoms:

rapid pulse, heart palpitations, mitral valve prolapse, muscle cramping, muscle spams, gritty teeth feeling, giddiness, over exaggerated movements, feeling over excited, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behavior, joint pain and joint popping, bone aches, blurred vision, dim vision, inability to focus, sinus pain, diarrhea, itching, cold body temperature and not able to get warm

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    My name is Ron

    Everything you have ever known or heard about Fluoride is false.
    Fluoridated water is the biggest scam ever pulled on the WORLD and is
    killing and sickining people everywhere..

    I have been sick since 97 My symptoms did not start all at once but
    became progressivly worse until the present.

    History ( very brief- this is just the tip of the iceburg)

    self diagnosed Chiari Malformation - my brains are swelling into my
    spinal column - had decompression surgery in 2000 - symptoms
    continued and worsened

    self diagnosed Heavy metal poisoning - challenge test showed lead
    mercury etc. - this was according to a holistic doctor and allopathic
    doctors do not recognize these results. Chelated with DMSA - numbers
    came down- still sick - then 10 weeks of EDTA IV thearpy - still sick.

    Rhum. Doc diagnosis of Fibromyalgia - 6/02

    self diagnosed Fluoride Poisoning - may 2002- one night I got sick
    after dinner - and a couple of days later I thought back about what I
    did different that nite - I drank three glasses of city water at that
    meal instead of milk. Fluoride calcium seeks and makes it less toxic.

    I did my own blind tests - I can pick out F water EVERY time - my
    daughter can tell by my eyes if I have had 3 glasses of water!

    I have confronted docs with this - Some look at me like I'm from
    outer space, some belittle me, others just laugh.
    My neurologist looked at me wide eyed and ordered serum and urine
    fluoride tests. He never called me back. I went and got copies 3
    weeks later and both were ELEVATED - my blood levels are 10x normal -
    he has NOT dx me or schedualed another appmt.
    Romhatoligist dx me with fibromyalgia and then I told her about
    Fluoride - she doesn't want to see me again!