China: Fluorosis from Coal

A new study links burning coal to an outbreak of fluorosis in several remote villages in China.  The fluorosis rate in some of the villages is up to 30%.  After doing some research, they found that the source of the fluoride was actually from the clay that's used to burn with the coal.  They are not sure whether the fluoride symptoms are coming from breathing in the chemical, or in tiny particles that settle on food.

This is why it's so important to not breath in the toxic fumes of fluoride when it's heated.  Symptoms can occur from taking a hot shower or bath, breathing in fumes from the stovetop or your morning coffee or tea, or even a hot pool that's been warming in the sun all day.  Your best defense is to purchase a whole house water fluoride filter for your showers and all of the water coming in to your home, or a reverse osmosis system for your cooking and drinking water.   

Another report just came out that most of the water resources in rural areas of China naturally contain excessive levels of heavy metals, such as arsenic, fluoride and iron, as well as some radioactive elements.

This is the result of industrial pollution, outdated sewage systems, and the overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

I recommend watching what you eat from China.  I have notice that many spices such as garlic, paprika and chili powder are all coming from China now.  These may be high in fluoride from pesticides or water & fluoride in the soil the spices and herbs have absorbed while growing.  If you feel you are still getting a hidden source of fluoride in your daily diet plan - this could be the culprit.
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