Coffee & Tea Drinkers Beware of Fluoride

I love coffee - it's a great pick me up, it's a low calorie beverage and it can help suppress your appetite and aid in weight loss. It also has many health benefits, including protection from liver cirrhosis, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, gallstones, and dementia.

But I didn't always love it. Before I went fluoride free, coffee was causing me many health issues and I had to quit. Sometime later, I learned that this is because when coffee is heated, any fluoride in the water you are brewing it with actually concentrates to very high amounts. Not only that, but the steam it produces is toxic and can irritate your lungs, sinuses, and throat as you're smelling and drinking it. This concentrated fluoride and steam can lead to excess anxiety, coughing, fluid in the lungs, shakiness, jitters, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, muscle soreness, increased anxiety and even a panic attack. This sounds similar to symptoms of too much caffeine - but these fluoride symptoms can actually occur very quickly and sometimes with only a half a cup of coffee. The combination of caffeine and fluoride can even be life threatening in my opinion.

Despite my past issues with coffee, after going fluoride free I decided to try it again (who could resist?). I was shocked; I was actually able to drink a whole cup! I still had a few mild symptoms, so I decided to try a few different brands. After a few weeks of trial & error, I found that some brands of coffee gave me more symptoms then others. This is because the coffee bean may be exposed to water during its initial processing, the trees may have been sprayed heavily with fluoride used as a pesticide, and/or it depends on what part of the country the coffee comes from and the fluoride content of the water in that area.

I ended up sticking with 8 O'Clock Coffee - I have tried all varieties of this coffee and found this to be the best.

At this point, I still wanted to limit my fluoride exposure as much as possible, so I began to search for ways to make coffee without heating it. And sure enough, I stumbled upon the Cold Coffee Maker/Brewer. I never knew anything like this existed; you can just pore the water in & let it do it's job w/no heat involved at all. This is perfect for keeping the fluoride content down, with no toxic fumes to worry about. Another benefit of cold brewing coffee is that it reduces some of the acid in the coffee itself (up to 67%), which can be much easier on the stomach. It takes a bit of time to brew; you have to let it sit about 12 hours or so, but it's worth it for the short and long term benefits. Here's a fantastic video on how to brew cold coffee with the Toddy Cold Brew System.

Here are some other coffee tips & recommendations:

When drinking coffee, I recommend that you add regular, 1% or 2% milk. The calcium & vitamin d in the milk will help block & counteract any fluoride that was in the beans when you brewed them. Click here for more info on the benefits of calcium & vitamin d. When going out, watch out for fast food coffees and coffee's from coffee shops. They could be brewed with water from your local city that is not distilled or fluoride free. I recommend buying a nice stainless steel coffee mug (not aluminum) & taking your own coffee with you - this can help save you money at the drive through too.

I do not recommend decaf coffee at all. Some brands are higher in fluoride depending on the method they use to remove the caffeine from the bean, which may involve soaking the beans in water that is high in fluoride. Decaf coffee has also been linked to several major health problems including Osteoporosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I avoid all instant coffee too; it has been pre-brewed using the water from the manufacture, which may not be fluoride free.

I also don't recommend any kind of tea, decaf or otherwise. It is loaded with fluoride. Some say it's natural fluoride, however the tea leaf is very absorbent and may pick up the toxic chemical forms of fluoride from the water it's being watered with, as well as from the toxic chemicals in the ground and water table. This is true especially of the tea imported from China; they have very high rates of fluoride. Some Herbal teas may be ok for some; watch out for peppermint tea though; it has been known to have high amounts of fluoride.

If you have given up coffee or were thinking about giving it up because of bothersome side effects, you might want to consider trying some fluoride free coffee cold brew coffee before quitting it all together.
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