Fluoride is in your Water Bottles, Soda, Juice and more

Even if a manufacture does not list fluoride as an additive to their beverage product, the truth is that most water bottles are simply filled with tap water from the city they are manufactured in, which can contain fluoride (unless it's distilled). That means they could have up to 4 ppm of fluoride in them (that’s the EPA max for fluoride in municipal water). I was having symptoms with just .4 ppm. In studies, rats drinking only 1 ppm per day had lesions in their brain similar to Alzheimer's disease and dementia - this is really a scary thought considering most of us probably consume well over 1 ppm per day. This water could also contain traces of chlorine, lead, aluminum and arsenic.

The same goes for soda, tea drinks and packaged juices. Grape juice is particularly high in fluoride.

Most home water filters don't filter out fluoride. Effectively removing fluoride from your water requires a special fluoride filter, which is designed to absorb and block the fluoride, or a reverse osmosis system which removes approximately 90 - 95% of water contaminates. These filters can also filter out other sediment and toxins such as sand, rust, dirt, and heavy metals such as lead, copper, and aluminum.

To get off fluoride as soon as possible, I suggest getting distilled water right from Walmart. Use it for drinking and cooking, and also make sure to give it to your pets. For the long term, I recommend getting a fluoride filter for your home: Whole House Water Fluoride Filter or a reverse osmosis system. With my filter, I just fill my water bottles up at home & put them in the fridge. I take my fluoride free water with me everywhere I go. It's the only way I can be sure what I'm drinking is 100% safe and free from contaminates. I also don't buy drinks from fast food places; they could come right from tap water too. Plus you will save tons of money at the drive through by not buying a drink.
Fluoride is in your Water Bottles, Soda, Juice and more Fluoride is in your Water Bottles, Soda, Juice and more Reviewed by Sarah on 3:56 PM Rating: 5

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