Infant Formula and Fluoride

A new study confirms that infants fed formula reconstituted with fluoridated water are at greater risk of developing discolored teeth (dental fluorosis). The article states:

"The message from Dr. Levy's work is loud and clear: Don't give babies fluoridated water," says Paul Connett, PhD, Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network (FAN). "Unfortunately the ADA has known about these risks for more than four years. Researchers are telling dentists; but dentists are not telling parents."

It goes on to say that fluoride is an "emerging neurotoxic substance" that may damage the developing brain. These effects can be severe and permanent, and notes that fluoride can affect the brain and nervous system, kidneys, bones, and other tissues in young children during their critical stages of organ development.

The warnings are out - here's what you can do about it: 1.) By purchasing a water fluoride filter you can feel safe knowing that all of the water you drink, cook with and give to your baby is clean and fluoride free. Either the Whole House Water Fluoride Filter or the Countertop Water Fluoride Filter can offer protection for your whole family.

2.) While you're waiting for your fluoride filter to arrive, the best thing to do is to purchase distilled water from Walmart or your local grocers. Bottled water, spring water or drinking water may all have fluoride in them. Only distilled water is safe because it uses steam to collect the water which removes chemicals and toxins. Make sure you cook with this too - heating fluoridated water concentrates the fluoride and also produces toxic fumes that cause fluid in the lungs, coughing and nervous system reactions.
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