Warning to Parents and Pregnant Mothers

Fluoride and your Children
Fluoride is a toxic chemical that can cause maternal and infant mortality, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, may damage the developing brain of an unborn child, can affect the brain and nervous system, kidneys, bones, and other tissues in young children during their critical stages of organ development, and can lower childhood IQ's:  http://gofluoridefree.blogspot.com/p/fluoride-symptoms.html.

This is why it's critical to block fluoride & filter your drinking water from all toxic chemicals.   Studies indicate that fluoride given to mother rats led to oxidative stress in mothers as well as in offspring. There is also a close association between chronic fluoride toxicity and increased oxidative stress reported in humans.  Oxidative damage produced by free radicals has been implicated in many diseases, such as atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, fragile X syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. This antioxidant imbalance at such a critical stage in an infants development can be very detrimental.

Here are some other facts about fluoride and pregnancy, infants and children in general:
  • Heavy exposure to fluoride during in utero development may result in skeletal fluorosis which becomes evident in childhood
  • Fluoride can cause bone cancer, with the risk being higher for boys ages 6-8 and the elderly
  • Fluoride avoidance in pregnant women reduced anemia, decreased pre-term births and enhanced babies' birth-weight
  • Ingestion of as little as 1 percent of a tube of flavored children's toothpaste can produce acute fluoride toxicity in a young child
  • 1 tube of toothpaste is enough fluoride to kill a small infant
  • Children have died from accidentally ingesting only a few fluoride tablets
  • Animal studies have reported that fluoride crosses the placenta
  • Fluoride can be found in breast milk
  • Reduced milk production was reported in farm-raised animals when they were fed a diet containing a high concentration of fluoride
  • Bottle-fed babies are overexposed to fluoride resulting in dental fluorosis
If you use fluoridated toothpaste, always keep it away from your children and monitor them while brushing.  If you have fluoride tablets used as a supplement (which I highly DO NOT recommend, ever), be sure to keep them away from your children and pets.  Early symptoms of acute fluoride toxicity, such as gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting, excess salivation, fever can be produced at very low doses of fluoride. These symptoms are responsible for many of the calls to Poison Control. If you child exhibits any of these symptoms, please contact someone immediately.

Watch out for schools - I have read that schools are beginning to offer fluoride supplements and/or fluoride rinses.  I recommend that you talk with your teachers/school officials to see if they offer this, and if so, make sure to sign a waiver so that your children do not have to participate. In fact, there was a school in Jonesboro Maine that participated in a fall program where fluoride was added to the school's drinking water.  The first morning of the program, 60 students, teachers and the principal were taken to the hospital with fluoride poisoning, with symptoms including abdominal pains, nausea and vomiting.  At the hospital, the patients were asked to drink milk (which shows how effective blocking fluoride can be). They claimed a faulty valve. The government-promoted system was designed to inject 5.4 parts per million of sodium fluoride into the school drinking water,however, a combination of defective equipment and human error resulted in a dose of more than 120 parts per million. Dennis Phillips, the state technician inspecting the equipment, argued that most malfunctioning systems put out too little, rather than too much, of fluoride. It's hard to say how much the school received that day; either way, before the program began, when residents asked program officials what would happen if too much fluoride got in to the system, they were told that 1.) it wouldn't happen & 2.) even if it did, it would be completely harmless to their children. One mother stated: "Watching so many kids vomiting is not a pleasant sight." This could happen to you in your town drinking water at any time!

There is something you can do about this hidden epidemic that has been swept under the rug. For more information on blocking fluoride and other harmful chemicals from your drinking water, click here. As a reminder: always take clean drinking water with you when you go out, never give your babies and young children fluoridated water and try to keep them away from sodas, juices and other commercially prepared beverages.
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