You don't need Fluoride for healthy teeth

Many people still believe that fluoride is a great way to prevent cavities; however emerging research indicates that this may no longer be the case. The leading cause of tooth decay and cavities is bacteria. It is thought that Fluoride can help to keep these bacteria in check. Fluoride also helps to remineralize tooth enamel by binding to damaged areas and attracting other minerals, such as calcium, to rebuild teeth, make them stronger, and prevent decay.

Well this would be wonderful – if it didn’t cause so many side effects such as weight gain, cancer, and even death. Some house cleaners kill germs too, but there’s no way I would use them to brush my teeth! Have you ever seen the warning signs on a tube of toothpaste? Many read "If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately." One tube of toothpaste is enough to kill a small child. And it’s not uncommon to accidentally swallow up to 25% of fluoride while brushing. Fluoridated toothpaste may also contribute to dermatitis, skin rashes/redness, acne and oral cancer.

There is about 1000–1500 ppm of fluoride in one tube of toothpaste. Although many of us are lead to believe that small doses of fluoride are safe, both new and old research clearly indicates that very little amounts of fluoride can cause lesions in the brain similar to Alzheimer’s, thyroid disorders, dental fluorosis, bone problems and much more – even in amounts as little as 1 ppm (the approximate amount that’s added to our drinking water). Toothpaste combined with all of the fluoride we intake from our drinking water, beverages, food and the air we breathe can all lead to fluoride toxicity, and many health issues. Click here for a complete list of documented, well researched fluoride symptoms. Many diseases such as breast cancer and thyroid issues are on the rise, and I think much of this can be attributed to the high doses of fluoride we’re all getting on a daily basis. And even with the claims of fluoride helping to prevent tooth decay, it has actually been shown that tooth decay has been steadily declining since the 1930’s. This is way before fluoride was ever introduced in toothpaste and in our drinking water in the 1950’s to 1960’s. Other data from the Whole Health Organization proves that tooth decay has been steadily declining, even in non-fluoridated countries and cites. Crazy enough, new research also shows that cavity rates actually declined in several cities that stopped water fluoridation. Most Americans didn’t really even brush their teeth until after World War II, where soldiers were ordered to brush their teeth daily. Brushing alone is one of the best things you can do to help prevent plaque. Fluoride has not been found to be effective for removing plaque or preventing gum disease.

Whether fluoride has some benefits for dental health or not, why take the risk when there are other options? A new emerging fluoride alternative for health teeth and cavity prevention is an all-natural FDA approved sweetener called Xylitol, the main ingredient in most fluoride free toothpastes.

Xylitol is classified as safe for babies, children and adults, and has been proven to reduce tooth decay. It makes your mouth less acidic, helps to remineralize teeth, and eliminates bacteria without all of the nasty side effects of fluoride. It comes in mints, gum and toothpaste.

Very few side effects have been documented from Xylitol – mainly diarrhea and this is only at high doses. It could potentially lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in very high doses. It is actually toxic to dogs for this very reason. There was one study conducted where it appeared to cause tumors in mice and rats at very high doses, however tumors in these animals is very common at it was unclear if the Xylitol directly causes these tumors or if this is just a specific side effect in mice, and not humans. WebMD states that Xylitol is probably safe for children as a medicine in amounts up to 20 grams per day, and 50 grams for adults. [Batzinger 1977 study] found no detectable mutagenic activity for Xylitol, and appears to be noncarcinogenetic.

Eliminating toothpaste that contains fluoride is one of the most important things you can do.  Fluoride can be absorbed through your mouth and saliva glands, and there is also a chance of swallowing the fluoride.  I have been using Tom's of Maine for years now, and my teeth are white and healthy.  And considering fluoride can inhibit thyroid function, just changing your toothpaste alone could help you lose weight!

Other ways to prevent cavities and promote healthy teeth without the use of fluoride:
  • Drink milk, if you can tolerate it with no digestive or other symptoms. Studies show that children who consume more soft drinks instead of milk were at greater risk of developing dental caries. Calcium and vitamin d are also essential for health teeth and bones.
  • Limit sugar, sweets and carbohydrates
  • Brush at least 2 times a day & floss
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